Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Aquapure Unisex Goggle

Aquapure Unisex Goggle: Aquapure Unisex Goggle by Speedo. A swimming goggles that can be used for women or men. The lenses on these swimming goggles made of polycarbonate with a rope made of silicon. With IQ Fit technology, making swimming goggles is very convenient to use and is excellent in terms of safety. Strap on these glasses is very easy to customize and nose bridge can be replaced and adjusted.

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E Bomb Wet Suit

E Bomb Wet Suit: E Bomb Pro Long Sleeve Jacket by Rip Curl. rovides just enough coverage and insulation to comfortably navigate the cool-water lineup, with an incredibly flexible E4+ panel across the back and arms, and it features a v-cut seam across the shoulders for full-twist function.

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Classic Skate Helmet

Classic Skate Helmet: Pro-tec Classic Skate Helmet fuses legendary impact protection with timeless skate style. The helmet's hardshell construction features a durable, high-density ABS shell and EPS foam lining. This construction method provides proven protection for beginners and aggressive skaters alike.

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Kids Swim Package

Kids Swim Package: Kids Swimming Package by Intex. This Package contain Deluxe Swim Vest, Play Goggles, Arms Bands, High Output Hand Pump, perfect package for your kids. This package made from good material and safe for your kids.

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Voyager 300 Boat

Voyager 300 Boat: This Voyager 300 boat by Bestway can fits two adults and youngster, perfect inflatable boat for fishing, cruising. Features 3 air chambers, all around grab rope, sturdy oarlocks, oar clasps. Includes one pair of 49" oars.
Weight capacity 418 Lbs.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

FTX Fitness Exchange

FTX Fitness Exchange: FTX Fitness Exchange by Kangoo Jumps. This is the standard XR series unisex model, for adults between 70-200 lbs (32-90 kg). It is also suitable for teens in this weight range. Its MULTI-SIZE liner with its expandable neoprene toe, adapts perfectly to several sizes.
It features the new IPS spring which offers:
- a better performance
- increased comfort
- new customizing possibilities.
- a longer life span
- a 2 way safety feature with a locking system

It has a durable hard shell boot with a comfortable, removable liner which can be machine washed.

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Total Body Exercises

- Kneeling Triceps Extension
- Bosu Ball Oblique Twists
-Walking Barbell Lunges
- Lying Cable Bicep Curls
- Bulgarian Split Squat
- One Leg Calf Raises
-  Renegade Rows
- One Arm Db Press On Ball
- Internal Rotation On Ball


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Sunday, 10 April 2016


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